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Greetings! [Sep. 30th, 2006|04:46 pm]
AC 360 Obsession


Name: Jennifer
Location: Delaware
Birthdate: Jan 7th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
What you want to do when you grow up: reporter
Favorite Coop moment: Does his book count?
Favorite TV show: Anything on CNN (which I watch so much it's ridiculous), and then Lost, Battlestar Galactica and The Office.
Favorite Music: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, etc.
Favorite Movie: LOTR Trilogy
Married or single: Single
Pets?: Two dogs, Hermione and Arwen.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, video games.
Whatyou would ask Coop if you met him: As a journalism major, I'd ask his advice on going into that field and then I'd probably faint from exhilaration.